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Relentless Philosophy
In <Relentless>, we pride ourselves on our ability to achieve our goals while still maintaining a balance with our lives outside the game. We achieve this by fostering an environment where we rely on each other (sharing of time, resources, knowledge) to streamline our play: we are a family and we are to treat each other as such. Collaboration and preparation are the most powerful tools we have and we expect all raiders to be highly active in both to push our play to the absolute limits of its potential. Our ultimate goal is to obtain Cutting Edge for each tier of content while having a good time, and killing dragons is mighty fun.
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by *Crystalle*, 270 days ago

Always looking for exceptional dps!  If you can show up, play your class well, have a great attitude, do not get offended easily or personalize everything, this may be the home for you! 

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