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Relentless of Thrall looking to fill its ranks, meet new people, and just have fun within the game and other mmos.  Many of us have gamed together for years but welcome the new faces hoping to game with them for years to come as well.  Guild members enjoy all activities the game has to offer from pet battles to pvp, heroics, and much more.  We currently are running a 20+ man raid group and consider ourselves moderately hardcore.  We know our classes well, play well, but don't want to invest more than a couple days a week.  Our current raid schedule is wednesday and thursday from 8-11pm server time.  If you are laid back, just want to have fun, meet knew people and chill this may be the home for you.  Good luck in all your endeavors and hopefully we will see you in game!
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by *Crystalle*, 166 days ago

Always looking for exceptional dps!  If you can show up, play your class well, have a great attitude, do not get offended easily or personalize everything, this may be the home for you! 

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